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10 Activities To Add To Your Bucket List

Posted on: May 21st, 2014 by Quik Shade


Everyone has a list of things that need to be tried before passing away from this world. For everyone it’s different, depending on what has already been done and what someone’s interests and desires are. But if you find yourself lacking in this list, not really too sure what to think when it comes to doing things before you die, then here is a brief list that should help you out.


There is a big world out there, full of fascinating people and places for one to experience. And traveling somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drop a lot of money to do so. It all depends on your comfort level. There are cheap flights and deals on airline tickets that you can keep an eye out for, as well as inexpensive hotels and even hostels all across the world that afford comfortable living.

Go To A Resort

Who doesn’t like to be pampered a bit? Going to an all-inclusive resort is something that is definitely worth the money, and it is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. There are numerous places to go all over the world that offer things like massages, horseback riding, tennis lessons, nature hikes, so on and so forth.

Go Skydiving

The rush of skydiving is something that no one forgets. Who likes to jump out of a perfectly good plane and fall at terminal velocity? Someone who has a bucket list might. Despite what most think, the safety involved in skydiving is extremely thorough, so much to the point that people usually take a few day classes beforehand just to make sure everything is down pat.

See a Concert

Going out to see your favorite band perform live on stage is something that you will cherish as a memory for a long time. With the crowd and the showmanship, the noise and the electric vibes, going to see a concert (or two? or three?) is as awesome experience that leaves your ears ringing and your heart thumping.

Attend a Music Festival

Instead of seeing one concert, why not go to a place where you can see several all in a row? Music festivals are great places to see and meet a variety of interesting people. And not only is there music, but food and activities and dancing as well. Here are some tips to stay cool while you’re there.

Scuba Diving

The beauty of the ocean is one of the most wondrous things that one can experience in nature. This is also something that you will not soon forget. Make sure to take along one of those underwater cameras to capture sights and moments that you will love to remind yourself of later.

Take a Cruise

Again with the pampering! Cruises are one of the most leisurely and adventurous things that somebody can do for themselves. There are a variety of places that one can take a cruise to. And with the offshore traveling and on-boat activities, going for a cruise is something that will be worth remembering.

Rekindle Old Friendships

Using the internet, a very rewarding thing you can do is reach out and find old friends to get back into contact with. Sharing old memories and making new ones is a special thing that we should all do while we still have time in this life.

Go Back To School

Have you ever wished that you knew how to draw or play the guitar? Have you wanted to know the full history of this culture or that country? Colleges are a great place to pick up knowledge on things you always wish you had known. Go back to school to pick up some knowledge on things that you would like to get to know before you die.

Pick Up A Hobby

One thing that tends to shorten the lifespan of people, especially those who are retired, is boredom. Make sure to stave it off by doing a hobby, something that you think you might enjoy or have in the past. This is a great way to keep yourself active and stimulated by doing something creative. 

photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery via photopin cc

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