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Archive for March 2nd, 2013

Resting In The Shade Safely

Posted on: March 2nd, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

The beach is probably the go-to weekend spot for people living in southern California.  The beaches here are beautiful and when the weather is warm there’s nothing more enjoyable than lounging for hours or playing in the waves.   How do you stay healthy though and protected from the sun?  An easy option is to get a portable shade canopy to bring with you on those perfect beach days.   A canopy is kind of like a large umbrella that you can unfold and set up on the sand to shield you from the sun.  They can be inexpensive and very portable if you are someone who often goes to the beach on the weekends. 

The top of the canopy will protect you from UV ray damage and the heat of the afternoon.  You should still wear sunscreen to be extra safe but the majority of the sunlight will be blocked out from above you.  You can enjoy the view of the ocean, read or just relax knowing that you are in a sun shelter and will not get burned by the afternoon sun. 

When you look for the kind of canopy that you will want to use exclusively at the beach you should make sure that it is designed for that type of location.  Some canopies might be too heavy duty or meant for a long camping trip rather than a day trip to the beach.  Since the beach can often be kind of breezy you will need a canopy top that will stay up and not topple over in the wind.  You need something small and portable but still functional that will last you for years.  Any time you go to the beach you should always remember your canopy to stay safe in the warm sun of California.