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Archive for September 10th, 2013

Quik Tips For Installing Quik Shade Replacement Parts

Posted on: September 10th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

Quik Tips For Installing Quik Shade Replacement PartsOne of the great things about owning a canopy besides being able to create a shady spot anywhere, is having access to a wide variety of great replacement parts. Here are some of the accessories you can enjoy with a Quik Shade canopy:

Single Privacy Panel:

Consists of a one piece panel that easily fits onto to your existing canopy to add extra shade and privacy. The privacy panel is affordably priced and an easy to install way to transform your canopy. The added sides make using a canopy more convenient at outdoor markets or festivals, or anywhere else you need extra coverage.

Screen Panel Kit:

The screen panel kit is an easy, zip up kit that provides coverage all around a canopy. Add screen panels when you want to keep bugs out, but still want to stay cool. An added screen panel is great for outdoor dining or parties under a canopy, or to use at a campsite or anywhere else where bugs can be a nuisance.

Canopy Tops:

Over time and with heavy usage, your canopy made fade or become worn. Luckily it’s easy to replace a canopy top. Choose a new color to try something different, or stick with what you like.

Steel Ground Stakes:

It’s easy to lose stakes when you’re setting up a tent or canopy. Everyone has done it at one time or another. Luckily it’s easy to purchase more. Sometimes you may also just need extra stability when using a canopy in a windy or less stable spot. Adding extra stakes can help keep everything in place.

Wheeled Bag:

Like stakes, the carrying bag for your canopy can easily be misplaced if you don’t use it for awhile or are transporting parts around. A wheeled replacement bag is available for all the canopy models. Just choose the color that matches your canopy and you’re good to go.

With all these great accessories, a canopy can go wherever you need it and be able to adapt to your changing needs if necessar. Some places that you can take a canopy include:

  • Beaches or campgrounds : Add a screen panel kit to keep sand flies or mosquitoes out of your canopy. If things get windy, add a few extra stakes to keep the canopy firmly in the ground.
  • Farmer’s markets or flea markets: A privacy screen lets customers browse your wares, while creating privacy in the back for you relax behind the scenes.
  • When you’re on the road: Traveling from place to place and needing a canopy means needing to have a convenient way to carry all the parts. A wheeled bag lets you keep canopy parts in one place and it’s easy to transport it all together.
  • At an outdoor party: Party goers will appreciate a screened in canopy when dining or drinking outdoors at a location where insects could be a problem. You can also easily switch a canopy top with a replacement one to better match the color scheme of a party.

You can take a canopy that’s this solid and versatile anywhere your outdoor adventures take you.