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Archive for September 19th, 2013

5 Ways To Make Your Farmer’s Market Stand Out

Posted on: September 19th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments


If you enjoy shopping, relaxing, playing, and working hard outdoors, then having a portable canopy is a must. Here are a few ways to make a canopy work in just about any situation.

1. Selling Outdoors

Whether you’re selling crafts or produce at a farmer’s market or flea market, having the right canopy can make or break your sales. Be prepared for any kind of weather and keep your products out of harsh sunlight or other weather elements. Your stand will look more professional and welcoming under the cool shade of a canopy.

On hot days, customers will be inclined to browse your booth longer if it’s also a cool, shady place. Place a sign, banner, or other decorations at the canopy’s top to make your booth stand out in the crowd. At night, spotlights or string lights hung inside a canopy illuminate your booth so shoppers can continue to feel welcome to browse.

2. Relaxing Outdoors

Bring smaller canopies along every time you visit the beach, park, or campsite. You’ll want a cool shady spot to relax under and take in the beautiful scenery. Add zippered screen walls to keep pesky bugs away while eating or hanging out.

3. Partying Under Blue Skies Or The Stars.

A canopy is a great addition to any gathering and can take a party to a whole other level. Outdoor weddings can look either elegant or breezy and casual with a canopy decorated in lights, fabric, or flowers. It all depends on your creativity. For a daytime soiree or even a tailgate party, a canopy keeps the focus on food, drink, or whatever else guests want to congregate around.

4. Protection For Your Four Legged Friends

Pet canopies are now available for dogs and cats who love the outdoor life. These canopies are made of the same uv protective, durable material that makes so many humans love using them. Now your pet can stay cool and comfortable no matter how hot the weather gets.

5. Accessories Make It Better

With just one canopy, you can transition from place to place and still enjoy the same protection. Privacy walls are affordable and come in one piece that’s easy to install. These are great for using anywhere you need extra coverage. Zip up screen additions provide protection from bugs on all sides without sacrificing cool air circulation and visibility.

This accessory can come in quite handy if you plan on eating outdoors or just can’t tolerate insects. If you ever change your mind about the color of your canopy or just a replacement, canopy tops are sold on their own and are easy to switch with an old one. Choose a color that better coordinates with an event, or replace a faded or torn canopy with a new one.

There are also extra steel stakes that can be useful for replacing lost stakes or to reinforce a canopy in an especially windy or unstable area. Wheeled carrying bags make it easy to keep all the canopy’s parts together, so you’re ready to take off for the next location. Choose a color bag you like or that matches the canopy you already have.

Quik Shade canopies are the ultimate outdoor accessory. Choose the canopy that works best for you and enjoy protection for years to come.

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc