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Archive for June 13th, 2014

Top Ten Items To Get For The Outdoorsman In Your Life

Posted on: June 13th, 2014 by Quik Shade

Outdoorsman Must Havephoto credit: TOMediaCO via photopin cc

Sleeping Bag Onesie

It takes the normal mummy sleeping bag and turns it into something that can be gotten around in. It has openings in the top for the arms that can zip up, the opening for the face so, you know, you can breathe at night, and the bottom is made of two slots to slip your legs in to. Then, they separate via zipper at the bottom so you can get up and walk around! Sure, it looks strange, but it is probably pretty warm and great for getting up out of the tent in the morning and heading over to the campfire without even getting out of your sleeping bag.

The BioLight Camp Stove/Charger

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Have you ever been on a camping trip or a long hike, and your MP3 player runs out of batteries? Ever wanted to cook something AND charge your MP3 player at the same time? Well, that didn’t occur to use either, but hold the phone! With the BioLight Camp Stove/Charger, you can cook the can of noodle soup AND charge your MP3 player from the energy the heat creates at the same time. Just wrap that cord in foil so it doesn’t melt.

The Pocket Shower

This is something several people would have wanted a long time ago. This is a simple bag you will with water and hang from the branch of a tree, then twist the nozzle at the bottom and take a shower!

Fire Crystals

This isn’t something that is necessarily essential for survival, but it is pretty cool. These are little crystals that you throw in the fire and they change the colors of the fire. Tell a ghost story, and at the best part, throw some of those in and make those you are with think you have magical powers.

Inflatable Tents

Yes, they exist, and they are for the lazy. But that’s alright. These are basic tents that have no stakes or poles, and you just fill them up with air and you have some sturdy shelter for yourself out in the wild.

A canopy

This is something simple that most people overlook, wish they had when they were out camping with the family, tell themselves they are going to get once they get back down the hill, and then forget about once they get home. Get a canopy! Not ideal for backpacking, but when you’re in a campsite with the family, the kids are off on a hike and it is time to relax, you’d wished you had a canopy to set up the chair underneath so you can get back to that good book as opposed to trying to find some shade from a tree.

The Waterproof Solar Lamp

Now, one might ask… a waterproof solar lamp would be charged by the sun, but if it is waterproof, which prevents rain from damaging it, then why would the sun charge it if it is raining? Take into account those backpacking trips where you fall into the river, or a sudden rain hits (as it can in certain parts of the country) and then dissipates quickly. Waterproofing isn’t only for the rain. This thing charges in about 5 hours time, so leave it out during the day, which then leads to about 15 hours of light.

Solar Fire Starter

This simple and yet effective item is a small reflective plate with a fork poking up out of the middle of it. It looks like a small satellite dish. You put some small firestarter material in teh fork, holding it up to the intense UV rays that the dish reflects, which eventually causes it to light on fire.

A Flashlight That Lights the Way Ahead and the Path at Your Feet

For lack of a better name, this item is made to might up the path ahead of you and what is down at your feet so you don’t trip over roots are rocks while you walk at night.

Glow in the Dark Tape

This is useful for more than just camping, but is ideal for putting on things like zipperheads to the tent, your flashlight, your shoes, and maybe even laying out a path from one thing to another so you can see your path at night. Who knows?