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Archive for July 11th, 2014

Summertime Outdoor Dining Activities

Posted on: July 11th, 2014 by Quik Shade

Summertime Dining Activities

Summertime offers the perfect atmosphere to dine outdoors with your friends and family. You can have a backyard barbeque or a picnic at the local park or beach. During these outdoor gatherings, you do not have to rely on just eating and conversing for entertainment. Summertime is also the perfect opportunity to get active and enjoy fun, outdoor activities perfect for all ages. By including these outdoor dining activities, your party or romantic evening for two will be a huge hit.

Classic Outdoor Games

When you have an outdoor picnic, barbeque or other party, you can have fun playing some of the classic outdoor games. These include horseshoes, washers, croquet, and bocce. These games are simple, require minimal skill level and materials, and are fun for all ages to play. Smaller children may need to have some modifications or extra help, but they can still enjoy playing the games. Additionally, these games require minimal physical activity, so your guests can still enjoy them even after filling up on the delicious food. They also can be played with just a few people, so they are perfect even for small parties and family dinners outside.

Play Sports

If you want to get more active at your outdoor dining party, you can engage your guests in sports. Traditional outdoor games include volleyball and badminton. You can set up a net in your backyard, the local park, or on the beach. Both volleyball and badminton only require the net and the ball (and the rackets for badminton) and are also fun games for all skill level and age level to play. If you have a larger area, you can play baseball, football, or Frisbee.

Have an Old Fashioned Competition

When you plan your outdoor dining experience, you can also set up a multi-game competition. You can have three-legged races, potato-sack races, egg or water balloon tosses, and more. You could also set up a fun relay race that includes stunts, such as having to carry an egg. You can create teams as small as two people and as large as you like to compete.


Just because you are outside does not mean you cannot set up a dance floor. As long as you have music, you can have dancing. You can create a playlist before you party that features a variety of music perfect for dancing, both slow and fast songs. If you are having the party in your backyard, you can decorate a section with lights to set the tone.

Kite Flying

If you are having a smaller outdoor dining experience, such as a romantic picnic for two, you can still enjoy some fun activities, such as kite flying. People of all ages enjoy flying kites, and there are many different varieties on the market. Additionally, you can also have fun playing with remote controlled planes and helicopters.

Board Games

Even though you are outside, you can still have fun playing board games. If you are in a wind area or on the beach, you should be careful of using any games with a lot of pieces and cards that you can lose. However, old classics such as chess and checkers can easily be played outdoors as well as inside. Other board games can make for an enjoyable evening, regardless of your location.

An outdoor dining experience can be complemented by a variety of activities. When you plan your afternoon or evening, you can choose your activity based on the intended feel for the party, as well as the guest list. Whether you are just enjoying a romantic evening for two, or you have invited the entire office for a party, you can find an activity that will engage everyone for a memorable event.

photo credit: Sergio Piumatti