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Archive for August 22nd, 2014

Exploring Colorado’s Ski Country In The Summertime

Posted on: August 22nd, 2014 by Quik Shade

Many people make vacation plans to Colorado during the winter to take advantage of the many ski slopes, but by only visiting during the winter, you miss out on many fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities amid spectacular views. Many popular ski resorts are home to hiking and other outdoor activities during the summer season. The sunny days and mild weather, with an average high of 75, makes for a perfect setting for summertime fun. Exploring Colorado’s ski country in the summertime makes an excellent vacation for the whole family, and there is plenty of options for activities the whole family can enjoy.


One of the best summertime activities in Colorado is hiking. The ski slopes turn into trails offering the same beautiful panoramic views. Just as the mountains offer a variety of slopes for every skill level, they also provide hiking opportunities for all skill levels to enjoy. You can enjoy simple hikes that take less than an hour or long, strenuous hikes that can extend to days. Many of the ski resorts fun their gondolas and chair lifts during the summer to help people get up the mountains. You can take the gondolas up for gorgeous views of the entire area, or you can get to the top on your own steam power.

Colorado Hiking


Colorado is a bicycle friendly state, offering beautiful trails, many that are dedicated to biking. Winter Park offers many great road biking routes, while Crested Butte has the best mountain biking trails, and is known as the birthplace of the sport. Some of the ski lifts are also open to bikers who want to ride down the trails. You can take biking tours around the cities, or go on an extended biking trip around the whole state.

Horseback Riding

You do not have to only explore the trials by your own power; you can also take a horse around many of the trails. Several dude ranches offer guided tours through the forests and mountains. You do not need to be an experienced horse rider to enjoy these tours. They will teach you the basics you need, and then an expert will lead you around with plenty of stops for taking pictures.


Colorado also offers adventures for the strong of heart. You can find plenty of opportunities to go ziplining, paragliding, and more. Vail offers Adventure Ridge, which has a ropes course in addition to a zipline. You can also go white river rafting in many of the rivers around the state. Some of these activities are family friendly, offering an adventure the whole family can enjoy.

Water Sports

The many beautiful lakes in Colorado offer summer visitors hours of fun. You can rent a boat to sail around Grand Lake. You can also go fishing, enjoy kayaking, swimming, as well as other water activities. If you do not want to enjoy any of the water sports, you can still sit and enjoy the sunshine on the beaches of the lakes, or hike around and enjoy the views.


Many of the resort towns in Colorado have golf courses, which are some of the best mountain courses in the world. These courses offer stunning views, especially the ones in Eagle Country. You can also have a more impressive golf game, as the higher altitude makes the ball fly further.


During the summer, Colorado hosts numerous festivals for music, food, art, film, comedy, wine, and more. Several towns offer a variety of festivals, making it easy to find one celebrating your interests, or you might just stumble into one during your stay. These festivals typically offer a unique cultural experience.  

photo credit: mypubliclands via photopin cc