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4 Family Oriented Surf Spots

Posted on: April 23rd, 2014 by Quik Shade


Where can one go to get some surfing in as well as having the family along with them? There are several great family oriented surf spots in America, but the ones that are family oriented are sometimes hard to find. One needs to have a friendly atmosphere, maybe a hotel or two, as well as a good place where the kids can be safe. Here is a list of 4 good places to take the family when you want to get your surfing on. Don’t forget to pack some canopies from QuikShade to keep safe from the sun.

Ocean City, New Jersey

Known as “America’s Greatest Family Resort”, Ocean City, New Jersey has more surf spots than most Northeastern states. Home to a few surfing champions, the city takes surfing very seriously. The local high school has won the state surfing championship eight consecutive times! That says something about the fact that the surfing scene there is not only just for people who are in their 20’s and 30’s.

Being near Atlantic City, if the parents wanted to get away for some nights in the casinos, that is, of course, always an option. The City of Brotherly Love is not too far away as well, which is renowned for it’s Philly Cheese steaks. And lastly, the city of Big is not too far away as well, which sports itself a nice big ferris wheel right on the beach.

The climate is, of course, rather cold, being in the Northeast and all. The water is usually around 60 degrees, so bring a wetsuit. And don’t worry about having to deal with a local bar scene going until the wee hours of the morning- Ocean City has banned the sales of booze since the year 1884, and is thus a dry city.

Malibu, CA

You might not necessarily be able to buy a house here, and staying in one of the hotels in Malibu will also cost you a little bit, but don’t get to thinking that the city of Malibu is any degree of crowded or smoggy like it’s parent city Los Angeles. Property value and environmentalist groups have made sure to keep the place nice and clean as well as sparsely populated. As a result, this is a nice place to come and visit with the family and maybe get some surfing in. But don’t forget the canopy, because it can get nice and sunny here.

Most of the beaches in Malibu, from Zuma up to El Matador, can accommodate some surfing, but Malibu’s famous Point Break is where you’d want to go. The water isn’t that cold, per se, or at least compared to the East Coast. And not only is there surfing, but a few beaches allow for smaller waves and better waters for the kids to play in.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Despite the sinister name, Kill Devil Hills is a good small town, away from any bustling metropolitan area, to take the family and get some beach time in. There’s enough people there to make it feel like you’re not in a one-horse town, but small enough to offer the peace of mind a small town can. Don’t expect any kind of crazy fashion statements or Lamborghinis, because this small Southern town likes to keep things simple. With calm beaches and a lighthouse, this is a great place to get away with the family and enjoy some relaxation.

San Clemente, CA

This town between Los Angeles and the Marine base Camp Pendleton is an ideal spot to take the family and have some beach surfing and boogie boarding fun. It has a consistent year round surfing scene due to its geographic location. There are also a lot of festivals that happen there during the summer, which makes it a great spot to go and get some entertainment. Sporting several hotels and spots to take surfing classes, San Clemente is a good place to get away from the city life and take the family for a good summer vacation. And, once again, take the canopy because it is pretty much always sunny down there.

photo credit: geezaweezer via photopin cc

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