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5 Best College Sports Towns

Posted on: March 1st, 2014 by Quik Shade


Hit up these five towns for good times, the best teams, and the most dedicated fans. Nothing beats the fun loving atmospheres and excitement of these college sports towns.

1. Madison, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

The city of Madison is a world unto its own, where football is on the minds of every citizen around the clock. Every bar and restaurant here seems to be on top of airing the games on big screen tv’s because they know that’s what their patrons are expecting. Attending games at Camp Randall is a whole different story.

Expect to find the bleachers packed and filled with fans eager to support their team in any way possible, which could mean smearing their faces with the signature red and white colors of the Badgers, doing the wave, and singing and dancing along to fight songs. Madison is a place where it’s not unusual to spot a Badgers tattoo on a fan, or where you can run into a player at the local pub or on a campus basketball court. Other sports are important in Madison as well.

The Ultimate Frisbee program won the national title and can be seen practicing on the fields on the west side of campus. Madison residents also enjoy a good game of ice hockey on the lake in the winter, as well as rowing in the summer. But football remains the true unifier of Madison. Everyone from grandmothers to teenagers come together to cheer on their team for another win.

2. Athens, Georgia

University of Georgia

Athens may be known for its 1990’s alternative rock scene, but it has a thriving sports scene as well. The University of Georgia boasts one of the nation’s tennis teams. Both the men’s and women’s teams have finished in top spots and the school has hosted the men’s championships several times.

Nightclubs and restaurants here are tuned into the sports scene, as well as the music scene. Enjoy delicious southern favorites at several of these venues while watching a local game. Athens combines the all American approach to fun of their sports fans with the laid back bohemian attitude of their music scene.

3. Austin, Texas

University of Texas

The city of Austin is best known for its originality and status as the state capital. The liberal attitude of Austin’s residents coexists with the fanaticism of the school’s football fans. Football isn’t the only sport that thrives on campus. Their athletic program was ranked number one in the country last year by Sports Illustrated.

Austin nightlife offers many opportunities to enjoy the best food and drink, get together with other sports fans, and listen to great live music. The South By Southwest music and movie festival takes over the town every year, bringing some of the country’s most innovative bands together.

4. Boulder, Colorado

University of Colorado

Outdoor sports enthusiasts will love this town. In addition to the picturesque mountain setting, there’s endless opportunities for hiking, fishing, climbing, kayaking, and skiing. The university’s football team is one of the nation’s best, as well as the cross country skiing team. Bars and restaurants are hot spots for fans to gather.

5. Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University

Bloomington may have a reputation for being a party school, but it’s also a beautiful campus with one of the nation’s best athletic programs. The men’s basketball team has won five titles so far and show no signs of losing steam.

Soccer and swimming are other top sports at the school. Residents get together every spring to watch the Little 500, an intramural bicycle race. Fans take their drinking and sports seriously in Bloomington.

photo credit: Sam Howzit via photopin cc

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