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5 Best Places for a Fall Get-Away

Posted on: September 12th, 2014 by Quik Shade

Fall is one of the best seasons to take a getaway, whether for a long weekend or a longer vacation. It offers beautiful scenery filled with gorgeous colors, if you are in the right location. It is a beautiful time of year to get out and explore the outdoors, especially as the weather is often not too hot or too cold. Additionally, the fall typically is off-season for tourists, making it less expensive than during the peak holiday times. The following five locations offer some of the best places to experience fall, especially the beautiful foliage.


New Hampshire Lakes Regions

 The Lakes Region in New Hampshire provides a quiet and serene area to getaway from the stresses of life. It offers foliage from late September through October. It has a longer leaf season than many locations because it is protected from the harsh, coastal winds and does not rise too high above sea level. The district includes Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam Lake, Mirro r Lake, Newfound Lake, Lake Ossippee, and Lake Winnisquam. In addition to the gorgeous fall colors, you can also enjoy beautiful hiking, cycling, or boating around the lakes.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, located in Maine, is a lovely place to hike or cycle anytime of year. However, in the fall, it is especially picturesque. The Cadillac Mountain and Precipice Trail offers numerous scenic trails on which to stroll, hike, trail run, or cycle. You can also enjoy the Carriage Roads, which feature beautiful fall foliage as you drive from town to town.

San Francisco

Although San Francisco may not be as well known for fall foliage as the East Coast of the U.S., it provides a beautiful location for a fall getaway. Fall is off-peak season in San Francisco, which makes it easy to enjoy the many sites, such as Golden Gate Bridge and Park, without all the crowds. The weather remains beautiful, and just to the south are many beautiful redwood trees if you feel like hiking among the trees.


You may not think about going to Alaska in the fall, but it can be a beautiful place to experience the season, although you might want to go earlier rather than later, before the days get too short and the weather turns too cold. There are plenty of beautiful natural parks and wilderness with the traditional fall foliage. It is one of the first places to experience the fall, and you can enjoy many of the beautiful yellow, reds and oranges of the leaves even in early September. You can take a cruise along the coast, or you can just enjoy the forests and mountains inland.

Green Mountains in Vermont

The Green Mountains offer some of the richest, deepest colors for fall, especially when the area experiences many days of warm temperatures with cold nights. There are numerous maple trees in the area as well, whose leaves produce the best fall colors. The mountains also provide a beautiful place to hike, climb, and enjoy mountain sports before the temperatures become too cold. You can also drive the scenic and historic routes through the country roads, especially through the Green Mountain Byway, which goes through Stowe and Waterbury, places famous for their beautiful picturesque views.

These five locations provide the best places to go and enjoy the fall season. The temperatures are perfect, so you can still enjoy walking and hiking without worrying about getting overheated. Additionally, you will have numerous opportunities for the perfect photo among the natural landscapes and small towns. The serene environments provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and getting back to nature, allowing yourself time for some essential rejuvenation and stress relief.

photo credit: Trekking Rinjani via photopin cc

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