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5 Easy DIY Projects to Enhance Your Home

Posted on: October 23rd, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments


Ah, home sweet home. It’s your safe haven, the place you retreat to after a long day. Having a home you love is an incredibly gratifying feeling, and making improvements to it can be incredibly satisfying. Just because a project improves your home doesn’t mean that it must be very costly or time consuming.

The whole idea of a D.I.Y. project is to create great items that can add to your home without breaking your bank account. Here are some great D.I.Y. projects that can help enhance your home and are a lot of fun to do!

1. Wooden Barrel Storage Wall Mounts

If you can’t seem to find a place to keep all of those miscellaneous items that seem to keep piling up in your house, consider making some simple and lovely looking barrel storage mounts. They’re rustic chic and look great in almost any area of the house, from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom.

Simply take a wooden barrel and use a power saw to cut it into cross sections between twelve and thirty inches deep. Take some slats of wood, and measure them so that that are as wide as the diameter of the barrel. Place the slats into the barrel wherever you’d like to create shelves, and nail them in from the outside. Mount wherever you need extra storage!

2. Concrete Block Fire Pit

A fire pit is the perfect way to keep an outdoor party going long into the night. This one is also inexpensive and very easy to put together! Simply get enough cinder blocks to create the perimeter of the fire pit you’d like. This can be anywhere from one to five feet. Then also take into account how high you’d like the pit to be.

Three blocks high is generally a good height. Use enough paver tiles or other large tiles on the surface of the pit, and arrange the blocks the way you’d like them. Set this up with a pop up canopy in your backyard, and you’ll have the perfect party scenario for day and night.

3. Rope Light Garden Borders

White lights in a garden create simple lines and add a lovely touch of elegance. Rope lights are great because they can be set to a timer and are very inexpensive to purchase and easy to install. Simply line the rope lights up against any border you’d like to create, for example, you may want to place them along any planters or fence edges. Use small ties to keep them in place, and voila! Your garden is transformed.

4. Wine Cork Board

Commemorate special bottles of wine you’ve shared with your significant other and give yourself a great way to post cards and important notices with this simple and fun wine cork board. First, you’ll have to save your corks for a while.

Then, take a picture frame and a hot glue gun out. Arrange the corks the way you would like them on your board – either all aligned or slanted can look great. Use the hot glue gun to glue the corks in place, and wait a few hours for it to dry completely before using.

5. Mason Jar Candelabra

Mason jars give any house a homey feel, and these candelabras are a great way to feel cozy on a cold winter night. Take a slat of wood, and cut out circles the size of your mason jar base.

Use a glue gun or other type of epoxy to secure mason jars into the wood. Stick candles into the jars, and light them whenever you want a little candlelight to go along with your night. This project is quick, simple, and easy to enjoy!

photo credit: Landscape Design Advisor via photopin cc

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