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5 Of The Best Tailgating Innovations

Posted on: April 18th, 2014 by Quik Shade


The Blacktop 360

The Blacktop 360 is a portable grill that will fit into the scene of any kind of tailgating party. It is small, lightweight, and can cook pretty much anything. Standing at about 3 and a half feet tall, the Blacktop 360 uses infrared grilling to provide quality cooking. It can reach temperatures of about 650 degrees. It can be used as a barbecue as well as a griddle. There is also a deep fryer right in the middle, so you can cook things like french fries, shrimp, chicken fingers and onion rings. There is also a convenient warming tray which is part of the top of the set-up that is designed to keep your food warm and ready to eat once it is done cooking. To top it all off, the flat top of the Blacktop 360 is divided into three sections, each of equal size, and comes with a lid that can fit into any. There is also a small bamboo cutting board and table that comes attached to the side.

The Blacktop 360 is powered by a small 1LB propane tank, and the option to connect larger tanks with a hose is also available. The top is made of a non-stick enamel finish, so cleaning up after the cooking is done is very easy. There is a small oil reservoir attached to the side right next to a small spill hole so that once you are done cooking something greasy, the oil spills right out and into the detachable container for easy and safe disposal. And finally, the whole set-up is collapsible and fits into a small carrying case for easy transport.

The Tailgater Dual Drink Dispenser Backpack

Now this is pretty cool. Instead of having to lug around a cooler or what have you to get those refreshing drinks at a tailgate party, you can instead have it right on your back with The Tailgater Dual Drink Dispenser backpack. Lightweight and made of nylon, this backpack contains two reservoirs made to hold anything from Kool-Aid to your favorite brew. It holds 210 ounces of any kind of fluid, divided between two 105 ounce containers.

Big Red Portable Campfire

Ever wanted the feel of a campfire at a tailgate party, but couldn’t find the means to get it? With the Big Red Portable Campfire, a small fire pit that uses the power of propane to get the fire going, you can set this thing up on any cold night after a football game, set up the chairs and roast some marshmallows right there next to the truck. It comes with a storage shell for easy mobility, and the storage shell is even designed to have the portable campfire sit on top of it for elevated warmth. There is also the Little Red Portable Campfire burner if the Big Red seems, well, just too big.

The Drinkin Partner Portable Drink Holder

Ever get tired of having to set the drink on the ground or the cooler where it can easily be knocked over and spilled? Well, there is something out there called The Drinkin Partner Portable Drink Holder, which is a standing drink holder which resembles a candle holder one might see in church which is designed to sit right next to your chair and hold your drink at an easy reachable height at about three and a half feet tall.

Magnetic Drink Holders

And to pair up with the drink holder subject, there are magnetic drink holders that you can attach to the side of your car while out at a tailgating party, or even to the fridge or something else that has a metallic surface while at home. They come with different team logos on the sides of them, so you can be able to buy one with your favorite team logo on the side.

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