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7 Ideas For A ‘Cool’ Outdoor Birthday

Posted on: August 13th, 2014 by Quik Shade

outdoor birthday party


Summer birthdays provide the perfect opportunity for a fun outdoor birthday celebration. However, the hot, sunny days can also lead to feeling hot and uncomfortable, making some people take the parties back inside. There is no need to suffer in the heat, or settle for an indoor bash. With these seven ideas, you can have a fantastically “cool” outdoor birthday celebration.

Water Party

With a water-themed birthday party, you can invite your friends and family over to have fun in the water, no pool required. Even adults can enjoy an old-fashioned water party. You can play games with water balloons, turn on the sprinklers, create a slip-and-slide, play with water guns, and just have fun getting wet. This themed party is not recommended during a drought, but otherwise, you can have a blast and keep cool during a sunny, warm summer day.

Pool Party

A classic pool party is a great way to stay cool during an outdoor birthday celebration. You can simply host a party at a pool in your backyard, neighborhood, or the city pool. You can play games, such as Marco Polo, ring toss, water tag, and more. Adults can also enjoy lounging at the pool for a birthday celebration.

Your own County Fair

You can make your own county fair in your backyard with a few simple games. You can have bobbing for apples, water balloon toss, sponge toss, watermelon seed spitting, and more. You can use a variety of games made for cooling down outside, including a small outdoor pool, to create your own county fair-inspired games. Everyone will enjoy having fun at the local county fair. Just warn people to dress for the occasion.

Kayaking or Tubing the River

If you live near a lake or river, you can rent some kayaks or tubes and go kayaking or tubing, an enjoyable activity for all ages. You can also go paddle boarding. Tubing on a river offers the best opportunity, as you do not need any skill level. These activities can also be enjoyed on a beach. You can also just enjoy swimming and frolicking in the water.

Camp Out

One way to make an outdoor birthday party cooler is to celebrate in the evening, when the sun goes down and the temperatures drop. Instead of just having an evening dinner or barbeque, you can have an all night camping party. You can go to a local state or national park, or you can just camp out in your own back yard. Do not forget to bring the s’mores. You can also plan fun activities while it is cool outside.

Ice Cream Making Party

An ice cream making party is where you make ice cream, snow cones, popsicles, and other frozen treats, and then enjoy eating them. Kids and adults alike enjoy making these frozen snacks. To enhance the fun, and flavors, you can find creative recipes online and try them out. You can also have a competition for the most creative creation.

Beach Party

You do not have to live near the beach to have a beach party. You can create a beach-themed party and bring the sand and ocean to you, at least in spirit. You can use some small plastic pools and imported sand to create the atmosphere. Everyone can water their swimsuits, and you can play water-themed games to play. For example, you can play traditional beach games, such as Frisbee and volleyball, but with a twist. The volleyball and Frisbee can be filled with water, so everyone gets wet. You can feel like you are on the beach, even if you are not.


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