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Charging Your Cellphone Outdoors

Posted on: April 28th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

We’ve all run into issues of a lack of battery life on the go with our smart phones but there haven’t been many options until now.  Now companies are beginning to introduce ways to charge your cell phone anywhere with things like shade canopies and umbrellas that provide power to your devices.  These work because of solar panels on the top of the canopy that convert sunlight into electricity to power tablets and phones. 

While the use of solar panels is a good effort towards going green my main concern with this type of system is what the cost might be.  Solar panels tend to be an expensive item that you have to lease if it were for your house for example.  It is a useful concept that could be very convenient but I think maybe only affordable to certain people who are willing to spend more for this type of unique shade product

Aside from the cost I’ve always thought that being outside on a camping trip or at the beach is a good chance to disconnect from our technological addictions.   The idea behind this canopy charging device seems to be for a situation in which you would be outdoors and away from any electricity.  I would think of it more as a chance to forget about your phone and enjoy nature instead of worrying about your battery life. 

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