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Coachella Offers a More Shade Options

Posted on: April 28th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

In the past, music festivals like Coachella usually meant spending hours walking around or standing outdoors in the desert heat to see your favorite musicians perform.  It could be uncomfortable and exhausting but for diehard music fans it was worth it just to see so many bands in one place. 

As the audience for this type of festival has started to become an older crowd, Coachella is now offering shade canopy areas like the Yuma tent with air conditioning and comfortable chairs and sofas while people watch underground acts perform.  It is very different from the crowded and grassy portable shade tents of the past which offered little comfort to concert goers forced to deal with the heat and stand throughout the entire show. 

As Coachella grows more popular and the ticket prices continue to go up it is only fair that they would offer more for the kind of money people are paying for these shows.  Anyone paying 300 bucks should have the opportunity to sit down and relax in this new type of club environment they are bringing in to the festival instead of something really basic like an instant canopy. People are expecting more from a festival this big and it is great that Coachella is evolving to meet people needs. 

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