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College Students Use Solar Power While Camping Out For Tickets

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by Quik Shade


And other homemade creative camping innovations.

A group of hardcore Duke basketball student fans, dubbed the Cameron Crazies, have made it a habit to camp out outside of the stadium months in advance to get the best seats for the game. The students who hold down the fort brave the cold and snow to spend nights outside with only port a potties for bathrooms, no running water, and limited access to electricity. The tradition has been going on for some time, with locals and other students becoming accustomed to seeing a field of tents outside the stadium year after year. Recently a new arrival to the scene caught everyone’s attention.

This tent is perfectly average in size and construction, it’s what’s connected to it that has people talking. A solar panel mounted on a pole and held up by an empty beer case is what’s so odd about it. Upon further investigation and after a conversation with one of its inhabitants, it appears that the solar panel was the brainchild of an engineering student who is one of the campers. The panel has given the tent’s inhabitants the ability to keep their air mattresses inflated, charge their smartphones and laptops so they may stay connected to the world while they camp, and even have light inside the tent throughout the night.

Solar Powered Tent

The solar powered tent is the only one at the camp so far, despite being the envy of many other campers outside Cameron Stadium. It has successfully brought a little more comfort into the students’ experience of roughing it for the sake of the sport they love.

If you’re not equipped with the skills needed to solar power your next camping excursion, there are other, simpler things you can do to create your own camping innovations.

Camping Tent

1. Create travel coffee bags by bundling coffee into filter bags and tying with dental floss. Make one for each person on the trip and pack enough for each meal.

2. Create romantic nighttime lighting with candle stakes. Push wax candles onto the tops of long wooden stakes and place around your campsite. Be sure they are away from tents or any other flammable objects.

3. Convert a laundry detergent dispenser into a handwashing station. Keeping clean while camping can be inconvenient. Invert a landry dispenser, fill with water, and place antibacterial soap nearby. You can even mount a roll of paper towels to the top of the dispenser with bungee cords for further convenience.

4. Dry and organize pots and pans by creating a hanging rack. This can be done by strapping a belt around a nearby tree trunk and attaching several hooks.

5. Make a delicious pancake breakfast by packing pancake mix into mason jars and bringing along shortening and dry milk to complete the recipe.

6. Skip the process of marinating your meat and place fragrant herbs on hot coals to infuse your barbeque with flavor.

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