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Bethlehem’s Eastern Gateway

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments


In the area known as Lehigh Valley, the RBA group has some improvement ideas to attract more visitors to the Bethlehem Greenway and the city skateplaza.   They hope to add a gathering area around the skateplaza that would include a concession stand, restrooms and a seating spot covered by shade canopies.  The goal is to attract more people to spend time outdoors at the greenway.  They will even add a shade canopy with a corrugated metal overhang where a large group of people can relax outside.  The plans will include pedestrian lights and trees to create a friendlier environment for visitors at the skateplaza. 

This district could really benefit from adding a few improvements that would make it more enjoyable to spend time outside.  As long as there are pop-up shade areas where people can sit and eat or just enjoy the weather it will go a long way to create a more pleasant environment.  It may be only a small change but can probably do plenty to make the plaza more inviting for people walking around.  With some places to buy food and dine outside people will be interested in staying for the afternoon and spending time with their families.

photo credit: A. Strakey via photopin cc

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