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DIY Backyard Wedding Guide

Posted on: April 19th, 2014 by Quik Shade


Having a wedding can be a very expensive proposition, what with the flowers and catering, renting the church or other space you might want to use, renting tables and chairs, hiring musicians, buying the flowers, so on and so forth. Some weddings can run in the thousands of dollars. This can be so expensive, in fact, that some people simply cannot afford it at all.

But for those out there who are looking to have themselves a good wedding and save some money at the same time, here is a guide that might just help a little bit in that proposition. This article is aimed towards the idea of providing ideas for a Do-It-Yourself backyard wedding.

Any good wedding should be fresh, fun, and feel personal to the couple that is getting married; it should be something worth remembering for the rest of your life.

Employ Friends and Family

One of the biggest things at a wedding is the food. If you have a good cook in the family or have a personal friend that is good on the grill, ask them to come by your wedding and cook up some burgers and sausages on their barbecue. This will be far cheaper than employing a professional cook who, for all you know, might not put out food that is really that great, or at least what you were expecting. With someone you already know having the task set aside for them, you know what you are getting and they should be more than happy to help- they might even do it for free for the sake of the family or friendship, but don’t anticipate that.

Do you know someone who fancies themselves as a photographer? Instead of hiring a professional photographer, ask someone you know to come by with their camera and take pictures of the event. Again, offer to pay, but they might just do it for free. Another thing that people have been known to do is buy a large amount of box cameras for people to use throughout the event, and have been asked to leave them behind. Invest some wedding money in those and the development of the pictures, then go through all of them and pick out the best for your photo album. This plus the photographer themselves should provide a nice variety of pictures.

Be Creative!

There are tons of ways to substitute expensive items for things that are far cheaper and more personal than the run-of-the-mill items that most people would use at their weddings. Here are a few examples that might inspire some thought on your part as to how to go about partaking in making your wedding fun and personal.

Instead of flowers for place settings, a couple once used clear glass cups filled with fruit, like lemons, limes, and other small fruits. This still provided a light setting and exemplified the “fruits” of the occasion.

Instead of providing a large amount of rented chairs, perhaps ask people to bring their own personal chairs for the situation. This one is kind of a stretch, but it would be fun to have everyone sitting in their own different chairs, mixing the setting up and making it kind of interesting. Of course, have rented chairs available for those people who might forget or not have any kind of their own to bring; people aren’t going to be bringing their living room chairs for this, for sure.

Be Frugal!

Look for deals online for things such as centerpieces, put ads out asking for help from people who have already had weddings and are looking to get rid of their wedding stuff that they are obviously not going to be using again. Instead of heading to expensive specialty stores for things like cups and plates, why not head to somewhere cheaper for your supplies? Remember that if budgeting is an issue, then having a super nice wedding might not be possible. But isn’t a wedding about love, friendship, family and fun and not necessarily about glamour and shine? Make sure that what you’re planning is something that is going to be memorable and not necessarily just an everyday kind of wedding that would blend in with all the others.

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