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Group Plans to Develop Baton Rouge Riverfront

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments


A local group in Louisiana known as the Downtown Development District asked for approval on a proposal that would make some much needed improvements to the famous riverfront in Baton Rouge.  They hoped to get approval on creating extended bike paths as well as a shade canopy for part of the city dock that would be illuminated with LED lights.  These improvements would be done with the goal of improving tourism to bring in more money to the area.  The changes would be paid for through a hotel-motel tax that is refunded back to the city-parish. 

This area is an important part of the city and any updates that can be made would help keep it relevant to people visiting Louisiana.  The canopy covering would be a great way to get people to spend more time around the dock because shade canopies make people more comfortable to be out in the sun for a while.  Bike paths would allow tourists to do something active and take in the sights while they are visiting the riverfront.  Lights on the docks would be an interesting sight at night and give a new look tha would appeal to tourists in this unique city. 

photo credit: thepipe26 via photopin cc

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