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How To Stay Cool At An Outdoor Music Festival

Posted on: May 7th, 2014 by Quik Shade


Who doesn’t love a good music festival? They are springing up all over the country in places that one might next expect, following the new genres of music that are coming out all the time. One issue that seems to follow music festivals, however, is the weather. It always seems to either be too cold or too hot at a festival, with good weather being a rarity.

The hot weather seems to pervade, and someone should take care when going to a festival to stay cool and not get overheated. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are bad things, and should generally be avoided.

 Drink Plenty of Water

One of the main reasons people get into trouble in the heat is because of the fact that they are not hydrating enough. When people get too warm, they sweat, and when they sweat, even though they might not notice it at first, they are losing bodily fluids that help keep one cool. The more these get lost and not replenished, the more the body gets heated and cannot cool down, which leads to things like heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Sometimes, at festivals and other similar types of gatherings, the venues are selling things like water for too much, like $3 a bottle, so make sure to bring your own, maybe even a camelback or something like that, and refill it as often as you can. This way, you are sure to stay cool and not suffer the effects of not having enough water in your body during a hot climate.

Stay in the Shade

This might not be as easy as one might think, because most music festivals are held in wide open areas, like parks, where there is little shade. The stage is ideally set up in front of a wide open space with no trees or canopies so that everyone can view the show and not have their sight obstructed by something. So, if at all possible, find something that provides shade to stand under. If nothing is available, make sure to wear a hat so as to keep the sun off of your head and face.

If there are places that have shade, like off to the side of the showing area where one might be able to stand and cool off then do so from time to time- take a break from the show and go cool off so you don’t get too overheated and start to have problems, possible ruining the show for yourself. Check out our portable canopy lineup.

Bring a Canopy

If shade is not available, then make your own. It may be that certain venues will not allow someone to bring in their own canopy due to the fact that if they set it up in the middle of the crowd or something like that, people will not be able to see the show. But, make sure to have one in the car just in case they allow you to bring it in- you’ll be glad you did.

Wear Sunblock

Sometimes, sunblock can actually make someone hotter if it is too high of an SPF (sun protection factor) because the higher the SPF, the thicker the liquid is. When this is the case, the thick liquid of the sunblock will block the pores in which the sweat comes out of the skin, making it unable to cool the body off. But this situation is easily avoided- just wear a lower SPF sunscreen, like 15 or 20… 10 even, if you feel you will be alright with that. Sunscreen will help your skin from not getting too hot, keeping your body cool in the process.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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