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Keeping Kids Safe from the Sun

Posted on: June 23rd, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments


Children love being outside and it can be hard to keep them from running around and playing on a very hot day.  It is okay for kids to play outside but as a parent you need to take precautions so that they do not overheat or suffer from sunburn.  If your children are playing sports or games outdoors then make sure that they are at a place where there are plenty of options for shade.  Not all playgrounds offer adequate shade areas so it might help to bring a portable shade with you wherever your kids are playing. 

That way they can take breaks from being in the sun when they get tired and are not exposed to too much sunlight.  Even when kids are playing at the pool or at the water park it is important to get them under the shade canopy as often as possible and continually reapply sunscreen. You should especially apply sunscreen often at the pool or beach because the water can rinse it off and it will not be as effective after swimming. 

If you are not already aware of the dangers of sun exposure then you should learn more about why it is so important to keep kids safe from the sun.  The light from the sun contains UV rays which are very damaging to our bodies are linked to illnesses such as skin cancer.  Anytime you get sunburned you are increasing your risk of developing cancer. 

It is important to teach children safe habits in the sun so that they are not putting themselves at risk for any illnesses.  Sunscreen, protective clothing and shade tops are all solutions that you should invest in to keep your children safe so that they can still have fun playing outdoors with their friends. For more info follow Quik Shade Canopies on Twitter.

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