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Upgrading Or Repairing Your Canopy

Posted on: March 9th, 2013 by Quik Shade 2 Comments

Repairing Your CanopyAs durable and reliable as many kinds of shade canopies can be, they are bound to see a lot of wear and tear over the years.  Any canopy that you have had for a while and have used outside on a number of occasions could run into problems or need replacement parts.  When it comes to repairing your canopy being exposed to the elements the parts that need to be replaced first are often the canvas top to a canopy.  The fabric of the canopy is worn down by wind, rain, sand and the sun.  The top can rip and tear leaving you with no option but to look for Quik Shade parts that will make it like new again without having to buy an entirely new canopy. 

The replacement parts are affordable and a good idea if you know the majority of the shade product parts work well like the base parts which are often more durable.  Most companies tend to make the legs and base parts to be long lasting and easy to maintain so you can focus on replacing only the fabric portion of the canopy to save money.

While you take your canopy to and from different locations, in the process you can often lose important pieces of the product.  You might suddenly realize that it is missing some bolts, washers, pins or various other small items that help to keep it holding together.  When you realize that you are missing these things you can easily order exactly the right shade accessory that will allow you to start using your canopy again.  Without those important small parts you could risk your canopy collapsing when you are outside and need it for protection.  Making sure your canopy is fully repaired and ready for travel will keep you safe from any mishaps. 

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  1. Salvador Barrera says:

    I need to replace my canopy top and would like to know if its possible to buy just the canvas top

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