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How To Have Movie Night In Your Backyard

Posted on: July 21st, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments


Many people who grew up when drive-in theaters were everywhere still miss the experience. A movie drive-in was when people would drive their cars to an outdoor movie theater and watch movies on a gigantic screen from the comfort of their own cars.

But since that has died out, the next best thing is to have movie night in the backyard. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s not that bad with a little planning ahead of time. The results of the work will definitely be worth the extra effort put in the planning.

Outdoor movie nights are great to have in the summer, when the evenings are balmy and most people want to stay outside as long as possible anyways.

Using a pop-up canopy is a great and easy way to provide some protection from the wind, the insects, and anything that may fall from the trees, while enjoying the movie outside.  This is particularly important if anyone is planning on spending the night. So here are some things to do to transform your backyard.

Creating The Movie Screen

First, ask around to see if anyone you know would be willing to lend you a screen for a night. If not, creating your own may be easier than you think. All you need is a large white area to project the movie. You can create a large screen with white sheets, poles, and a rope! You can then play the movie off of your laptop, and voila! your theater is ready to go! Once this makeshift movie screen is built, it’s something that you can use in the future anytime you feel like having outdoor movie night again.

Choosing The Right Movie

Since this will be shown outside, and this means the neighbors or anybody passing by might get a glimpse, this might not be the time to show a horror movie or one with adult themes. It’s probably best to keep the movie fun and light. Eighties movies are always popular, because of their lighthearted nostalgic value.

If there will be kids attending, maybe even throw in an animated movie for them to watch while the adults are socializing. Skip documentaries or movies that deal with very serious subject matter, best to keep it lighthearted and humorous. And going with the theme of the drive in, they always showed two movies, so it’s best to have at least two movies in mind that you want to show.

Encourage People To Bring Their Own Creature Comforts

Since this will be a long night of watching movies, encourage people to bring their favorite pillow or blanket, or their favorite chair. These can all be set up under the portable canopy, so that everyone will be as comfortable as possible while watching the movies. And don’t worry if any parts of the canopy get lost outside, canopy frame parts can be easily replaced at very affordable prices.

Create A Mini Concession Stand

Popcorn is synonymous with movies. And it’s a great way to build on the theme of movie night, by making sure there is plenty of popcorn available. You can also have an array of treats like brownies or candied apples, for people to munch on during the night. If your party starts earlier in the evening, before the movies start showing, you can serve hot dogs and refreshments under a portable canopy, while people socialize. This way the canopy can protect the food from anything falling into it throughout the evening.

The end result should be a successful movie night that people of all ages can enjoy. These movie nights should be especially delightful if the party is thrown for kids, who will definitely enjoy the novelty of the experience. It’s amazing how a simple change of location can make the act of watching a movie such a different experience.

photo credit: ginnerobot via photopin cc