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Bottle Rock Festival Provides Camping at Nearby Skyline Park

Posted on: May 3rd, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

For the best experience at Napa Valley’s Bottle Rock Music Festival many festival goers chose to set up tents and shade canopies at Skyline Park, a temporary campground near the festival.  Most of the campers attending this festival were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the campground

Having been through a lot of festivals before, many campers were satisfied with the mellow vibe of the area in spite of the cost of reserving a camping space.  During the day some people were able to set up a portable canopy as a lounging area to serve drinks and socialize with others at the festival.  Skyline Park proved to be a successful space for those looking for a great festival experience. 

Many festivals can become overcrowded and stressful even when you are camping out at night but it seems like the Bottle Rock Festival created a more relaxing place for people to set up their camp space.  Even with a tent or pop-up canopy it is still important for everyone to have their own personal space so they can decompress and just have fun with their friends.  Skyline Park gave those paying for the festival a chance to take in Napa Valley as well as the music they came to see.