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Businesses Can Use Canopy Tents for Marketing

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

There are many products available that act as a “pop-up shade” and are normally used at the beach or on camping trips.  They are basically a kind of canopy tent that is collapsible and portable so that it can be set up and torn down quickly outdoors.  These types of tents can have many uses though and could be a great idea to use as a marketing tool. 

Many companies are using a canopy replacement as a way to get their logo printed on the top of the tent.  With a new canvas top that represents their company they can bring this tent to festivals and conventions to attract the attention of people passing by.  The canopy is the perfect space to do outdoor marketing and to offer samples of a product or brochures because the items will not get damaged by the sun or rain outside. 

The positive effect of attempting to do marketing outside at events and festivals is that it gives a more personal touch to advertising.  People can talk to representatives at the portable canopy tent and ask any questions they might have about the product.  They could be more convinced because of their connection with a person instead of just an advertisement that they can easily ignore or turn off. 

With marketing at outdoor events it helps to have a system set up that can work anywhere and it will be appealing to anyone passing by.   People are usually interested in trying out samples or looking at flyers and brochures inside of a canopy cause it is fun and interactive and gives them a hands-on experience with what a company can offer.  Canopy tents are a great tool for marketing, connecting with customers and getting the word out about a new product. Connect with Quik Shade on Facebook.