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Which Canopy Will Work Best For You?

Posted on: July 24th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

Choosing A CanopyAll canopies are not created equal. This should be kept in mind when figuring out which canopy to purchase. A canopy is designed to provide shade and cover, but each specific canopy is tailored for different needs. When buying a canopy make sure to keep in mind what your needs are and then purchase accordingly.

Quikshade has a wide variety of quality canopies that should be able to fit any event or need. The materials are of high quality and they are portable and easy to put together. Part of the reason they are so durable is the high-quality materials that they are made of, such as fabrics backed with Aluminex and frames that are built to last.  

These canopies can serve a wide variety of functions, from an outing on the beach, to an outdoor family get-together. To get started, let’s go over what a heavy duty canopy is appropriate to use for, in case that’s what you may be interested in.

Heavy Duty Canopy

These are most likely useful for the campers or hikers, for the people who want to take an adventure where they have to brave the elements. If you’re going on an epic camping or hiking trip, where you won’t have any shelter, then the heavy duty canopy is the best option. When hiking or camping, the weather is always a big question mark.

And when it rains or heavy winds start to blow, then the heavy duty canopy can provide important protection. This is especially important to keep in mind, because of safety precautions that should be taken when hiking. Having a means to get some protection from the elements is essential. This way when a hiker gets hit by unexpected bad weather, instead of huddling underneath a tree he can just set up his heavy duty canopy.

Party Canopy

The name sort of gives away the use, but party canopies are best utilized for outdoor parties that require a large group of people. For even larger parties, a commercial canvas might be needed for an event that needs a larger, heavier canopy. During the summer months, everyone wants to make sure they have their share of activities outside.

No one wants to be holed up inside, when they can be outside in the sun enjoying the weather and the summer activities. The party canopy makes this even more possible, by providing shade and a place to congregate for any outdoor party. The ease of use and usability of the party canopy makes it indispensable for anyone who likes to throw summer parties.

Pop Up Canopies

For smaller events, like birthday parties or family get-togethers, the pop up canopy is a perfect solution. They are lightweight and easy to assemble. These canopies take away a lot of the stress of planning smaller get-togethers, and then you can spend more time planning what to serve and what games to play. By having a pop up canopy around during a summer day, your guests will have a convenient and comfortable place to get some shade. Your family and friends will thank you for it!

Additionally, all of these canopies have a convenient variety of accessories that can be added. For many years to come, these canopies are versatile and useful to have when planning outdoor activities. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to how they can be used. And now that you’ve read about the different types of canopies to choose from, you can make a better decision on which one suits your needs best, whether it’s protecting yourself from bad weather or throwing a party for family and friends.