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How To Throw A Great Outdoor Party

Posted on: July 18th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

Great Out Door PartyDuring the summer months, many festivities move outside. This is the time when everyone wants to throw the perfect outdoor party. While having great company is essential for a party to be a blast, the proper planning can make the party even better.

Canopies are perfect to use for an outdoor party, such as the 8 x 10 replacement canopy. Easy to assemble and to transport, they can be set up to provide shade and comfort to your guests, so they don’t have to get burned in the hot sun. Want to know more? Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning that perfect outdoor party.

Find A Suitable Location

The first and most obvious place is to use your backyard. But if you don’t have one large enough or suitable enough, look into the local beaches and parks in the area. People often host all sorts of get-togethers on a beach or park, and it could be perfect for your needs. You could also ask around to see if your friends wouldn’t mind loaning their backyard for a day. No matter what you choose, just make sure that it’s big enough to accommodate the amount of people you want to come.

Be On The Look Out For A Sunny Day

No one wants glum or rainy weather to lower the mood of the festivities. Check the forecast for the best day to hold the party. This way you can lower the chances of your outdoor party being rained out or hampered by excessive winds or fogs.

Plan The Menu

Since the food is going to be eaten outside, maybe in less than ideal circumstances, ease of eating should always be taken into consideration in addition to taste. So keep the food choices delicious but easy to make. Since this is outside, take advantage of seasonal fruits, by making a freshly chopped fruit salad. You can also make several easy to create dishes such as a charcuterie plate or a cheese and fruit plate.

These only require some cutting, no heat, and will be a hit with the guests. Make sure to bring a small cutting board and knife as you never know when this will come in handy. For an extra touch bring water with sprigs of mint and freshly cut lemons for guests to enjoy a healthy, fresh beverage. Also, don’t forget to ask around, see if any of the guests will be willing to bring their own dish. Guaranteed, a couple people will be happy to bring something. Most people enjoy showing off their recipes to their friends.

Set Up The Area For Maximum Comfort And Convenience

Once you have the menu figured out, the day picked, and the location, now it’s time to figure out how the area should be set up. A shade canopy will be essential to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Once tables are set up, along with chairs and a food station, the canopies can be set up. They can be set up over the tables, so that people will have some shade while they eat. They can also be set up over the food and beverage area, so you can have some shade, while making sure everyone else is fed and happy.

Extra Touches

Once the essentials are figured out, some special touches can always be added to give the party a special finish. This is the time to have some fun, like mixing-and-matching colorful plates. Butcher paper makes a useful and cheap tablecloth. You could also use colorful and funky chairs that may be too over-the-top for everyday use.

Once these steps are followed, your party is sure to be a delicious and memorable experience for all the party-goers. With the abundance of friends and fresh food, everyone can kick back and enjoy the party.