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Shade Can Have a Big Effect on Outdoor Temperature

Posted on: July 15th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments

Outdoor Shade OptionsIn the summer our bodies can be greatly affected by heat and the UV rays of the sun and many people die of heat related accidents, especially the elderly.  Shade is an inexpensive cooling option that is proven to be effective.  The temperature in the shade can be lower than the actual outdoor temperature by 15 to 20 degrees.  Trees work well as a source of shade but if that isn’t an option then a portable shade canopy that allows air to flow through it works just as well to reduce the temperature.  Tents that have side coverings can actually work to increase the temperature so it is important to get a simple canopy top and not a canvas cabana. 

It is surprising to think how much of an effect that shade can have on the actual temperature when you are outside.  It can mean the difference between suffering in the sun at 100 degrees or relaxing at 80 degrees under a pop-up shade.  Probably the easiest thing in the worst heat of the summer is to stay indoors but that is not always possible.  The best option is using shade to your advantage so that you stay safe and comfortable when the temperatures start getting too high.  

Cattle Farms Must be Extra Vigilant in the Summer Heat

Posted on: July 4th, 2013 by Quik Shade No Comments


As heat waves and record temperatures begin to affect the U.S. this summer, particularly in the Midwest, it is important for farms to keep their animals safe from heat stress.  For the benefit of the cattle’s comfort as well as preventing too much loss from heat-related incidents, farmers need to keep their animals cool and well-hydrated. 

The animals need shade canopies, especially black-hided cattle which are affected the most by the sun.  Either pasture farms with trees for shade or portable shade should be available at all times for the animals.  They may need extra drinking water space and to be sprayed periodically if they are showing signs of heat stress. 

Cattle and other animals have should have the right to experience comfort while they are living on a farm and they are often forced into very poor conditions. 

Providing them some canopy shade and extra water during the summer is a way to ease their stress and it can also benefit farmers by preventing unnecessary sickness among the animals.  Cattle and all farm animals should be treated fairly and given relief from heat or anything else that causes them too much discomfort or pain.  

photo credit: kevinzim via photopin cc