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Getting Romantic with an Outdoor Picnic

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014 by Quik Shade

Romantic Outdoor Picnicphoto credit: Royce Bair

Beautiful, sunny days provide an opportunity to plan a romantic picnic date with your partner. A simple picnic can be an ideal date, whether you have just started dated or have been together for years. It does not take much time or money to execute the perfect picnic. However, you do need to plan carefully to ensure that you and your partner have a very romantic evening that will create, or reignite, sparks.

What to Eat on a Picnic

Picnic fair can be anything from simple sandwiches to an elaborate meal. However, traditionally picnic food focuses on simple food. Sandwiches, salads, finger food, veggies and hummus, and fruit are always enjoyable foods for a picnic. You can also choose romantically inspired foods when packing your picnic, such as strawberries and chocolate or any type of finger food. Don’t forget to pack some champagne or wine as well, if you enjoy alcoholic beverages. When choosing the menu, keep in mind that location of the picnic, especially how long the food will be outside of the refrigerator. You do not want the food to get too cold or hot. You also want to stay from any messy foods. You should also ensure to bring any applicable dishes or silverware to eat and serve, including a wine opener if you are having wine.

Where to Have a Picnic

Any outdoor location can be an ideal picnic location, even your backyard if you are unable to leave home for a variety of reasons, such as not finding a babysitter. For the most romantic outdoor picnics, try to find a more isolated location surrounded by greenery or nature. Local parks, the beach, a lakeside or river, or anywhere quiet and serene provide a romantic atmosphere. You can also consider places that have been special to your relationship in the past and revisit to add to the romance of the evening.

How to Decorate for your Picnic

If you can, consider adding some additional accessories to your picnic basket, including some fresh cut flowers and a nice blanket on which to sit. This will create a more intimate and romantic mood. The location you have your picnic will determine how much you can decorate the area. You can also bring some romantic music to play in the background to help set the mood. Depending on the situation, you can even bring some candles with you, but you want to be sure not to create a fire hazard.

What Time Should you Have your Picnic

You can have a picnic anytime of day, but the most romantic time of day is around sunset. You can sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, eat your meal, and then watch the sunset. However, you can still have a romantic afternoon picnic or even enjoy a breakfast outdoors. Just as watching the sunset is romantic, so is watching the sunrise. If you and your partner are early risers, you can always pack a picnic breakfast and enjoy the sunrise.

Make it more than just a Picnic

A picnic does not have to be the only activity you do on your date night. You can find an activity that you both enjoy that also takes advantage of the beautiful day and surroundings to go along with your picnic. For example, you can bring your picnic meal with you while you and your partner go on a hike. Then, when you get to a beautiful location, you can sit and enjoy your meal. You can do the same with kayaking, horseback riding, boating, and bike riding. Alternatively, you can bring some activities to play during your picnic, such as throwing a Frisbee or flying a kite. If you plan everything carefully, you can have a delicious and enjoyable picnic that combines relaxation with fun for a really romantic date.

The Most Majestic Sunsets In The World

Posted on: June 11th, 2014 by Quik Shade

the-most-majestic-sunsets-in-the-worldAmazing sunsets are things you remember. They quiet the noise in your head and make still the scene around you, giving pause to the rush that can be everyday life. Who hasn’t taken a moment to stop and take in a great sunset that is happening right there with you? Looking up and taking in the fiery colors and illuminated clouds, with the shadowy silhouettes of birds flying over and appreciating the end of the day will surely make you feel a part of the world around you.

Like viewing things such as a solar eclipse, knowing where to find the best sunsets in the world has become something that people take seriously, and make it something like a hobby. Luckily, they have amassed some good information for us to convey to you, so you can know where to go if great sunsets are your kind of thing. Let’s see where we can go around the world for that perfect sunset.


Yes! Strangely enough, Manhattan has some of the most unique sunsets due to the entire city being on a symmetric grid. The sun coming through between the buildings, through the haze and reflecting off of all those windows, makes for an interesting and uniquely beautiful sunset. It is so famous that it has gained it’s own name: Manhattanhenge.

Santorini, Greece

One of the most beautiful islands in the world also hosts one of the most beautiful sunsets. Set in the famous Greek Islands, Santorini was at once a full island, but is now more of a crescent shape. Thousands of years ago, an active volcanic fissure underneath the island exploded and took away maybe half of it. The remaining part of the island is technically the edge of a crater, a very, very high one, and the Greeks build hotels and homes ontop and spreading down the inside of the crater. As a result, one gets some absolutely amazing sunsets from way up there.

U Bein Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar

When you watch a sunset from atop the world’s longest teak bridge, you get to see one of the best sunsets in the world. Set across the Taungthaman Lake, this 1.2 KM wooden bridge allows you to walk out onto what would seem to be the center of the lake to view the sunset. You will feel like you are standing on water and seeing something beautiful, which should make for an unforgettable sunset.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Taking a trip over to Africa, we head down to one of the more stable countries on the continent to get a view of one of the best sunsets around. When the sun goes down and things take a pause, the savannah goes blood red and the sky matches it, peering through the dust and sand to taint the picture into one of true beauty. The best time to head over is July through October when the annual migration of zebra, Thomson’s gazelle and wildebeest come to the Mara from the Serengeti.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia

One doesn’t always have to see the sunset just in the sky. Sometimes, the sunset is best view upon something else, like a mountain or the surface of a lake… or maybe even a huge rock. The domed Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) in Australia rises up 348 meters above the desert plain, extends five kilometers beneath it and has a circumference of about 9.4 kilometers. This huge rock is part of a range of large domed rocks called The Olgas. When the sun starts to set over the Australian plains and hits these rock faces and lights them up with reds and oranges, the world quiets down and one is mystified by these ancient bodies showing off their stuff as they have done for millions of years.

5 Of The Best Tailgating Innovations

Posted on: April 18th, 2014 by Quik Shade


The Blacktop 360

The Blacktop 360 is a portable grill that will fit into the scene of any kind of tailgating party. It is small, lightweight, and can cook pretty much anything. Standing at about 3 and a half feet tall, the Blacktop 360 uses infrared grilling to provide quality cooking. It can reach temperatures of about 650 degrees. It can be used as a barbecue as well as a griddle. There is also a deep fryer right in the middle, so you can cook things like french fries, shrimp, chicken fingers and onion rings. There is also a convenient warming tray which is part of the top of the set-up that is designed to keep your food warm and ready to eat once it is done cooking. To top it all off, the flat top of the Blacktop 360 is divided into three sections, each of equal size, and comes with a lid that can fit into any. There is also a small bamboo cutting board and table that comes attached to the side.

The Blacktop 360 is powered by a small 1LB propane tank, and the option to connect larger tanks with a hose is also available. The top is made of a non-stick enamel finish, so cleaning up after the cooking is done is very easy. There is a small oil reservoir attached to the side right next to a small spill hole so that once you are done cooking something greasy, the oil spills right out and into the detachable container for easy and safe disposal. And finally, the whole set-up is collapsible and fits into a small carrying case for easy transport.

The Tailgater Dual Drink Dispenser Backpack

Now this is pretty cool. Instead of having to lug around a cooler or what have you to get those refreshing drinks at a tailgate party, you can instead have it right on your back with The Tailgater Dual Drink Dispenser backpack. Lightweight and made of nylon, this backpack contains two reservoirs made to hold anything from Kool-Aid to your favorite brew. It holds 210 ounces of any kind of fluid, divided between two 105 ounce containers.

Big Red Portable Campfire

Ever wanted the feel of a campfire at a tailgate party, but couldn’t find the means to get it? With the Big Red Portable Campfire, a small fire pit that uses the power of propane to get the fire going, you can set this thing up on any cold night after a football game, set up the chairs and roast some marshmallows right there next to the truck. It comes with a storage shell for easy mobility, and the storage shell is even designed to have the portable campfire sit on top of it for elevated warmth. There is also the Little Red Portable Campfire burner if the Big Red seems, well, just too big.

The Drinkin Partner Portable Drink Holder

Ever get tired of having to set the drink on the ground or the cooler where it can easily be knocked over and spilled? Well, there is something out there called The Drinkin Partner Portable Drink Holder, which is a standing drink holder which resembles a candle holder one might see in church which is designed to sit right next to your chair and hold your drink at an easy reachable height at about three and a half feet tall.

Magnetic Drink Holders

And to pair up with the drink holder subject, there are magnetic drink holders that you can attach to the side of your car while out at a tailgating party, or even to the fridge or something else that has a metallic surface while at home. They come with different team logos on the sides of them, so you can be able to buy one with your favorite team logo on the side.