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Use A Canopy To Your Benefit This Summer

Posted on: February 1st, 2014 by Quik Shade


Sun protection is one of the biggest concerns during summer fun, and throughout the year as well. Nothing can ruin summer activities than a nasty sunburn, or even worse, heatstroke. It’s painful and unattractive, as well as a great risk to your health. Make sure you stay protected by taking the proper precautions when spending time in the sun. This can include:

Wearing a high spf sunscreen at all times

Spf 50 or higher is recommended, and be sure to reapply liberally after excessive sweating or after swimming. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of applying sunscreen before you even leave the house.

Staying hydrated when spending time outdoors and temperatures are high

This will ensure you don’t get heatstroke. Bring a large reusable container of fresh water with you and refill with fresh, cool water any chance you get.

Don’t neglect the hard to reach places

Your scalp, ears, lips, and feet can get sunburned too. You can ensure they stay protected by applying sunscreen to those areas. Spray on sunscreens and balms work great for those areas. Wearing a hat is always an effective way to protect the scalp and ears.

Stay covered

If you don’t have to be out in direct sunlight, then find a shady place to stay. You can do this by wearing a hat or long sleeves, or better yet, by creating your own shade with a canopy. Canopies are more versatile and portable than ever and make spending time outdoors less stressful.

How A Canopy Can Change Your Summer

There are various sizes and styles available for any type of summer activity imaginable. The portable canopy has come a long way. Some of the styles to choose from include:

Portable Canopy

These are great for a single person or couple to use for quick day trips to the beach or a park. Portable canopies are small and lightweight enough to easily carry to any destination. These canopies are made with convenience in mind. They fold easily to be set up without any hassle and packed away neatly into an accompanying carrying bag. The canvas top may be smaller and more lightweight than other canopies, but it still provides the UV protection and air circulation that larger canopies are known for.

Commercial Canopies

These larger, sturdier models are great for anyone with a small business or who frequently hosts outdoor events. Commercial canopies provide professional grade protection and looks for a variety of events such as outdoor markets, farmer’s markets, festivals, and even more formal events like weddings.

The frames on these canopies are reinforced to ensure extra strength and protection from wind and other outdoor elements. Canopy tops look elegant in white and allow air to circulate so guests stay cool and comfortable. With the addition of canopy accessories, commercial models become even more versatile. Zip up privacy walls or screens shield guests from insects and other pests while creating a more intimate atmosphere for the event.

Affordable Canopies

These are for people who want the protection of a canopy without paying a fortune. For the average person, a canopy is a great addition to a backyard barbeque, camping trip, tailgate party, or a gathering at a park. This is the canopy model you’re probably most familiar with. The simple yet effective design allows for cool air circulation while protecting from harmful UV rays. These canopies come in several colors for you to choose from and can also be used with accessories.

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